Ronhaar blends velvet, sweeping vocals with the grit of an overdriven groove tracked to tape. Cowboy-pop influenced tones pepper the 90's grooved folk-rock artist from Seattle. The songwriting is revealing; heart-breaking images become imaginable by way of honest, wailing cries. Dreamy vocals reminiscent of Paul Simon turn a darker shade as Ronhaar sings of convictions and hopes of change.

The solo project of Kyle “Ronhaar” Andrews began in 2016 with a reinvented purpose for his songwriting; he became obsessed with the folly within broken relationships. Though built on a folk-foundation, the strong pulse of the songs called for the “rough boys” rock & roll rhythm section. Sparse instrumentation saved room for the intimacy of Ronhaar’s songwriting. After a full year of gigging with his trio around Seattle and along the West Coast, a concrete groove took form. Steve Fisk, who effortlessly captured the esthetic of a classic Ronhaar live performance, produced the debut EP. “Ronhaar” releases December 15th, 2017.